Log Home Process


Design Phase

Whether you have scribbles on a napkin or complete architectural blueprints we can turn your plans into reality. The combination of your vision, professional designers and our expertise will allow your project to come together seamlessly.


We use only the finest materials to produce our projects. We are directly involved with logging contractors in log selection.


We remove the bark or ‘peel’ logs using two different techniques, one modern and one centuries old. Which method we use is entirely at the discretion of the client. The modern method involves using high pressure water to remove the bark and cambium layer beneath to reveal all the character that bark can hide. The traditional method is to use a drawknife to remove the bark and sapwood in long peels.

Layout & Cutting

We layout all our log joinery to the millimeter. We use modern over scribe techniques that ensure the notches and lateral grooves of Full Scribe houses stay tight as the house shrinks and settles. We utilize a number of tools to cut and shape the logs, but king of kings is the chainsaw.

Delivery & Assembly

The final step of the process is truly our favorite step. Each truck arrives at the client’s location in a choreographed arrangement to allow for an efficient set up.