Log Home Services

Deciding which log style you would like for your home can be difficult, but no matter which style you choose we have qualified staff with the best skills around to make you an exceptional, and beautiful, home.

We take pride in our accuracy, and attention to the smallest detail is what sets our quality craftsmanship apart from other companies.

These days designers are mixing and blending styles together and adding additional elements such as rock to create new looks and designs. If you see multiple elements from different designs that you like, let us help you combine your vision into your dream home.

Post and Beam

If you like the look and feel of log work but don’t want a full scribe log home, post and beam may be the perfect fit for you. Post and beam is a style of construction that allows you to see the supporting framework of the home. It provides the beauty of log structural elements, with plenty of opportunity for character pieces, but none of the settling requirements and far less log maintenance. Its visual elegance is simple and yet it offers wonderful design opportunities that allow you to express your own particular aesthetic, be it sleek and modern or more rustic and handmade. The visible joinery and exposed wood form a beautiful home that stands apart from conventional framing. Log and timber accents on a traditionally framed house is also a great way to make your home stand out.

Full Scribe

The technique used to scribe one log horizontally to another to form walls is called scribe fit or full scribe. When scribed walls meet to create a corner, notches are required to lock these corners together. This method of building with logs is centuries old and much of the wisdom and craftsmanship that was developed long ago nearly faded into obscurity. More recently, some builders have come to rediscover the value hidden in those techniques. We blend that wisdom with leading edge methods to create for you the very best scribe fit log home.

As with all of the products we offer, a full scribe home has options so you can choose a look and feel that is right for you. The corner notch style is one of the most significant details affecting that atmosphere.

Fusion Style

Fusion style is a mix of full scribe and post and beam. It really is the best of both worlds. The fusion style method of log home building offers the advantages of post and beam construction with the traditional accents of a full scribe style. We utilize two to four rounds of full scribed logs and then begin our post and beam structure. It bridges the gap between traditional full scribe homes and post and beam construction to create a hybrid of log work that merges the styles offering the client a truly unique and one-of-a-kind home.

Strata Projects

Strata style post and beam brings custom features to the inside of the home, while the outside of the home meets strata design requirements. A home with that cottage curbside appeal may not be allowed on your building site because of exterior strata design criteria. Neighbourhoods that have covenants, conditions and restrictions on buildings can result in some limitations when it comes to building your dream home. Regardless of planned developments and strata hurdles, we can create a structure that meets strata requirements but also achieves your desire to live in a unique log home on the inside.


Our staircases can be incorporated into any style of construction whether it be traditional or modern. Whether you are designing a new home or renovating an existing house, if you desire a wood element we can create a staircase that reflects your vision.

Our team has the ability to work with a multitude of designs and designers to create world class projects.

A beautiful staircase has the potential of becoming a stunning focal point in your home. A log or timber staircase can be crafted with designs unique in function as well as form. We offer unique designs for both rustic and contemporary settings. We use hand-selected logs for a look and quality that is unparalleled. We utilize techniques that ensure your staircase is not only beautiful but durable. Some of our styles can be considered functional art and can be as simple or as complex as the client desires.


With an accent piece from nature a simple element designed to provide safety and protection can add a wonderful design detail. The handrail is an important structural component of any staircase. It can either blend in with a subtle design or it can be a component that stands out. Each handrail is made to order and perfectly tailored to your house plan specifications. We also specialize in the custom design and fabrication of guardrails.

Log Home Design

We will work with any of the design firms in the industry to build your dream home. For your smaller projects our team will custom design it in house. We recommend using R.C.M. Cad Design for your larger projects as their quality, expertise and experience in log home design is easily translated into a stunning end result.

Please follow the link below to view their website.

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